Web design trends we can expect to see in 2017


Web design trends

Web design during the latter half of 2016 were good.  They were catchy and attractive.  With the technological advancement, more visitors are likely to visit more websites.

Factors to be considered:

Many web designs, though they are quite impressive, some of them are clustered.  One has to move around to find for vital information.  May be they are in between the lines, but essentially it has to be in the limelight.   Unless a serious thought is given, popularity for visiting the website may decline.  Focus should be on relevant points of clients/visitors where no confusion should prevent them from exploring.  Success will be around the corner, with the advent of improved and dominating websites.

Standpoint for 2017:

If a web design is created with convincing slogans and pictures with cool sidebars and ads, it will not snatch away the web content.   Ads, slogans, pop-ups are important but it should not over-shadow or distract the objective of the web design. After the first quarter of 2017, web designing will play a vital role with improved technology in honouring visitors’ intention.  Some section of designers is already contemplating to overcome this problem.

Flat Web Design

We have to overcome the conventional Flat Web Design.  It is slowly losing its creativity lacking any improvement.  So creativity is all required with unique imagination in web designing plus new slogans.

While discussing about Flat Web Designs, usual shapes and patterns are likely to stay in 2017.  However, geometric shapes and patterns will be in web designs all through the year.

Heading styles and Animations

Changing the imaginative heading style is another way of re-designing.  Acceptability is most welcome in caps, centred heading in the design on websites.

Animations used on websites as they often be of great help to show how they work. GIFs are used but they are becoming more sophisticated and animations using SVG and CSS to achieve some unique design elements.

It is expected that in 2017 the use of animations will be there.  This will help the visitor to go through the content types and animations easier and quicker.  If done right, it can often be even more lightweight than several images or video.


Another modest way of interacting with a website is Microinteractions.   They are powerful and found in hovers, click animations, scrolling effects, etc.

Designers spend more time on this for quick and developed information. The visitor can move the cursor over the parts of the site through hover/rollover of Microinteractions.


Design trends will definitely see many great websites in 2017 with advanced technology and will dominate the web design.